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1.1 Living On The Breadline


Hey guys and girls i’m back with another chapter of The Sanderson ISBI! Read it here and enjoy 😀



Sims 3 Store Page!


Hey guys, if any of you still use the store page please be sure to add me! 🙂  Hope you’re enjoying my ISBI!

sims 3 site

Hey Guys and girls, please be sure to add me on the Sims 3 website! 🙂 This is my page: http://mypage.thesims3.com/mypage/lozzalou

It would be really cool if you could! There’s not much on there at the moment as i used to share my sisters account but i plan to be using it a lot more, so please add away! 🙂

Thanks, Lauren.


1.0 The Upbringing of Nick Sanderson


Here’s another chapter for today! Hope you enjoy it! Read here:

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To find other chapters you can click on the Chapter Archive at the top of the page and wait for the drag down menu to appear or just click it generally and the whole Archive page will come up! Or just use the side bar menu, whatever floats your boat. Thanks Guys 🙂

If you could leave your comments that would be great so i can find ways of improving the story! I wasn’t sure what size to have my pictures so let me know if the size is okay! Be sure to follow my blog and i’ll be sure to follow you back 🙂

Thanks, Lauren.


0.2 Looking To The Future


Hey guys! Sorry for the major delay, I’ve got chapters sitting here just waiting to be uploaded so for now here’s 0.2!

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0.1 Lights, Camera, Action!


Hello Simmers! Welcome to my first ISBI!! This story will follow the journey of Bethany Sanderson and her family (if she actually gets one) As its my first ever written up story its going to be a bit rusty for the first few chapters….well very rusty lol!


**Just so you know the pictures down below aren’t the sims in my ISBI. Just random sims I used to test my pose mod. I may try and bag one of the males tho lol.**

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Hey guys and girls, sorry i haven’t been updating, unfortunately my computer kind of died and i lost EVERYTHING! i was gutted, however i will be starting a new story in the near future so keep an eye out! HOWEVER, i now have a much better computer with MUCH BETTER graphics so i’m loving life right now!, Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my page so far! 🙂 x

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See you soon everyone! 🙂

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